Anivenge is out in Early Release on Steam! The final release should be around February or March of 2022, and will be coming to Google Play around January or February of 2022.

Anivenge is a classic arcade style game where you play as an animal that hops around a road, pick up things, then drop those things in front of cars. For example, you can pick up some lumber and nails and drop a ramp.

And if you get hit, you go splat.

Long trailer for the game

Each level has a number of “fancy cars” that need to be crashed to complete the level has a unique set up to present a different challenge. The number of lanes, speed of the cars, number of hazards, etc, is all customized per level.

The game is simple but fun. The core gameplay is complete for Early Release along with 30 levels. Additional features will be coming before full release, including a new hazard and 2 new “special” vehicles. While I do have a fairly full feature map I’m open to feedback and suggestions from players for additional improvements, there’s a form on the contact page to send anonymous messages if you don’t want to post on Steam.