Steam page is actually on its way now

Turns out there was one little thing missing, once I finished it I was able to submit the page for review. So now, in 2-3 days I’ll have a Steam page up for marketing the game!

I definitely prefer working on the game but if I want to do this stuff full time the marketing and store presence is an important piece. One of the fun bits of being a solo developer, having to do everything. If I start to make money I’ll have to deal with taxes, booking, and all that fun stuff too since I doubt I’ll make enough to justify hiring a bookkeeper. Not that I’d object to earning enough to hire a bookkeeper, and an artist, and a marketer, in fact I’d love it! But I’m also having fun doing it all myself, even if it takes me a few days to realize that my Steam page wasn’t actually under review because it was missing a planned release date.

Even if this game doesn’t make any money, I plan to keep working on getting it finished, then starting the next game (which is in early planning stages). Because I really do like making games, its fun. Sure, sometimes I get a little stuck and frustrated, but eventually I get past it and the result is worth it.

In fact, I’m eager to get through this early release when I can start adding in features that aren’t strictly necessary but I think will make the game more enjoyable and playable for a longer time.

Assuming people actually like it, it has good reviews from the people I’ve showed it to so far, but are they being nice because I’m their friend? We’ll find out…