Introducing – Anivenge! (working title)

Ever since the invention of the car animals have been have been run over, defenseless against the larger machines.

But now, they’re fighting back.

In Anivenge, the animals have weapons to defeat the cars. You play as a frog (more animals coming soon!) and hop around the road, trying to crash cars without getting run over.

Road hazards waiting to be picked up

Anivenge is an arcade style game with two modes. In the first, you work your way through levels, each of which provides a different challenge – different speeds, gas, number of lanes, number of hazards available. Or there’s survival mode – the cars move faster, and faster – how many can you crash before you die?

This game is still a work in progress and all graphics are also a work in progress.

I’m aiming to do an early release before the end of 2021.