New Site! New Everything! All in Progress!

It’s a new site! A new post! Everything is new! It’s also still a work in progress, so if everything is horrifically ugly when you’re reading this it’ll hopefully be changing soon.

Hi, I’m Katie, the sole developer of Fiery Aspen Studios. Why do I have a business name when it’s just me? Because I hope to grow. Also, having this formal element helps me get into a business mindset (and makes it easier to work on things I don’t like so much, such as marketing materials).

Who am I? I’m a web developer who likes making games. I like making games for several reasons. For one, testing my own game is a lot more fun that making sure an account page pulls up the right information. For another, I like being the one to come up with the idea and decide how to implement it. I like not having to attend a million meetings, or speak to a dozen people to get an answer on how a feature should work. I also like setting my own schedule – ie taking some mid-week days off to ski or hike and working on the weekends when the trails are crowded.

I have one game in progress, a second game in the early planning stages and a list of ideas. I also have a pair of 4 month old kittens, but that isn’t important. The game in progress is arcade style and inspired by the old game of Frogger* – but in this game, the frog has weapons against the cars! Current name for the game – Anivenge. Or maybe Car Crashing Critters. I’ll pick one before it’s time to release.

That’s it for this first post. Mostly I’m just making a quick introduction, there will be more to follow!

*Katie and Fiery Aspen Studios, LLC have no relationship to Frogger, its creator, its current copyright holder, or anything else related to the game.