Steam page is live!

It took a couple of submissions, I was too succinct in answering the Early Access questions, but it’s now passed review and can be viewed by the public!

“Should it be viewed by the public?” is another questiion. In order to submit the page for review I had to upload screencaps and a trailer, but I didn’t have a great plan. The more I look at it the better I grasp what should be there, I just have to spend time actually getting it up.

Anyway, here’s the link – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1781580/Anivenge/. I hope you’ll take a look and hit that wishlist button!

Work’s been slow this week. I’ve been working on cleaning up the menu design so it’s more consistent through the entire game, which is slow and tedious for me. I’m also working on getting some more of the website built out, which, again, takes me a while to do. But I should still be on track for getting a build up for release before Black Friday.

Assuming I can get off my butt and work on marketing instead of just game development. If I make enough money I’ll be hiring a designer/artist and a marketing person for my next game. Artist first, but marketing would be second.