Testing has begun!

Yesterday I wrapped up the last few development tasks and now I’m in full testing mode. And bug squashing and level setup refinement mode, but that’s part of the testing process, right? You can never test software and not find some sort of bug.

So far I haven’t found anything terrible and nothing that crashes the game. There’s been a couple of UI snafus where the keyboard controls didn’t work on that particular menu, I decided I didn’t like how a couple of levels played, and I discovered that I’d disabled music in one level and never turned it back on.

I’m going to do a build today and try uploading it to Steam just to test their build and review process. Which is a huge step for me, I haven’t even given the files to any of my friends yet! Which will also happen this week, getting some people to play test and give feedback, I just want to go through and clear up the obvious stuff first so I’m not wasting their time.

I’m not working on new features during this time, but once the Early Release build is complete I’m going to jump right back into it. It’s been a while since I did anything really new, mostly I’ve been tweaking existing things, making the UI a little less amateurish, and generally turning the whole thing into a comprehensive application, dealing with things that players won’t notice if they’re done well but can ruin an experience if they’re done poorly.

I’m still aiming to do the initial release November 22, 2021. Please take a look at the Steam Page and wishlist if it looks interesting!